Algorithm Development

Most of the business houses or organizations are interested to develop reusable pluggable or loosely- coupled components to be used across various apply in their domain.

Mostly these components or services require high end specialization, if involve complicated algorithms in image processing 3D Rendering, data mining, GIS etc. Business organizations having their own IT Deparments for handling their day to day IT functions and maintaining their existing systems would like to outsource to companies having algorithm exports.

Impetus having most valued professionals in the areas of image processing, data mining, 3D graphics rendering, GIS etc developed components and services for various across the globe. Impetus developed a pluggable GIS component into any web application for major oil Well industry. This component handles all the complex rendering operations on different layers in a vector map. It also covers all the basic operations like zooming, panning, zoom window, selecting a particular area etc. This component can also communicate with the container using events and transfer the data form it to container or vice versa.

  • Design, Create and Develop custom algorithm as per research and business needs.
    Having problems designing and executing custom algorithms. Get Impetus to design and build custom algorithms that exactly build your needs and solve your complex problems better.