Image Processing

Impetus has been designing and developing numerous image processing technologies for the past 5 years used in various domains such as Medical imaging,Military document imaging, Industrial inspection etc.

Following are few applications

Medical imaging

We developed various algorithms related to medical domain like window-level, zooming/panning etc. We worked on DICOM.

Document image processing

We developed a tool called image correction and tool enhancement (ICE) for clearing document problems due to various problems with scanner like skewing, marginal noise, degrading etc.


We developed algorithms for identifying & tracking military tank in video from IR or CCD camera.

Industrial Inspection

Our game changing processes and solutions help our clients drive efficiency and growth.

Key Features

  • Impetus bridges the gap between the theory and practice of image processing.
  • Covers real-time image processing systems and algorithms for industrial, medical and embedded device applications.
  • Presents practical, low-cost, and real-time architectures for image processing systems as well as tools, simulation and modeling for real-time image processing algorithms and their implementations.
  • Impetus can develop all necessary algorithms, implement them in computer models, test them and even develop special devices with the implementation of these developed algorithms. With this approach it is possible to see that the developed algorithms really work in ready devices.
  • Our company is one of a few companies, which conducts constant research in the field of computer vision, pattern recognition systems, real time video stream recognition systems etc

Key Skills

  • Image Processing techniques
  • Biomedical Imaging
  • Pattern recognition
  • 3-D Graphics