Welcome to Impetus


Srikari Impetus Solutions is a core client centric Information Technology organization with proven expertise and deep understanding of various industries. Our expertise in Information Technology has helped clients to achieve greater profitability through our quality services. We have mastered in identifying appropriate processes and solutions for each of our clients and deploying the most efficient delivery models for them. We deliver business value in global scalability, process efficiency and cost optimization for our clients. Impetus has the ability to develop tailor made solutions and technologies to benefit clients not only to streamline their business but also to help them outperform the competition.

Why choose us


Impetus, as a company, values integrity, honesty, transparency and continual improvement.We value our relationships with customers and partners, and have a passion for technology.
The techno savvy Impetus team fully believes that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic and the most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century will not occur merely because of technology but because of an expanding concept of what it means to us.We take on challenging tasks and ensure that we solve them on time.