Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications, Mobile first, Cloud first is the Mantra for all companies from small to big enterprises in hitherto. Mobility is driving the productivity of businesses by allowing different business process management applications to be monitored and handled by executives on move. These simple devices with different form factors are fetching core information to display of complex dashboards from public as well as corporate networks

Mobile applications are making consumers to execute their different daily needs efficiently than before. Impetus looking at this revolution closely from various angles invested its technical resources appropriately in the mobile space.

The wise and wide study of various mobile technologies and systems made Impetus to stand up uniquely and provide solutions to its customers. Impetus deployed solutions to different energy companies in the enterprise domain ranging from data acquisition systems , stand alone storage apps to restful services. Impetus also specialized in building consumer centric apps on loyalty platforms to Family connectivity (Social Networking systems) cloud centric systems.

  • Application development for Smart phones tablets and phablets
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